Any customer information collected by Pherone will be used only by us. Your information is safe with us. We will never sell, lease, rent or share your information with any other company!

Our site uses a secure ordering system: Financial information (such as their credit card numbers) is collected directly by our secure payment processing partners. We never see your credit card numbers! If you create an account and save your credit card to make future purchases easy, the card information is saved by our secure payment processing partner, not by us.

We collect contact information (such as their postal and email addresses) so that we can send orders to our customers and to communicate regarding any problems or issues that may occur with orders or shipments. From time to time, we may send customers special offers or informative emails, which you can easily opt out of.

TL/DR: Your information is safe with us. We won’t let anyone else see it. We don’t see or store any credit card or other payment information, so that’s safe too!