Certain people are always the center of attention, even though they aren’t particularly handsome or beautiful.

Why? Part of the answer may be in their pheromones.

Now you can enhance your own pheromones with our scientifically designed pheromone colognes.

What will you accomplish when you have the power of pheromones?

Pheromones – Substances which, when inhaled, can produce a subtle reaction: sexual attraction, relaxation, excitement, even euphoria. Most affect women and men differently.

Pherone Formulas – Exclusive, scientifically formulated colognes, with pheromones designed to enhance your life and the lives of people you come in contact with.

Think of it as a touch of:
Instant Charisma

The News Media agrees: Pheromones are Real

ABCnewsPheromone Increases Sexual Attractiveness
CNNStudy finds proof that humans react to pheromones
WebMDPheromones: Potential Participants in Your Sex Life
Psychology TodayThe Smell of Love… How human body odor influences sexual attraction.

Look in our Pheromones Information Section for more information on pheromones, including links to these and other articles. For all the scientific details study our references section.

Scientific Research Shows That
Pherone Pheromones are Highly Effective

As their testimonials (below) show, our customers have had great success with Pherone Formulas. But we don’t just rely on testimonials. We do our own scientific research studies to prove the power of our products.

In our study of Pherone Formula M-11 82% of the men who used it reported that they had more sexual interactions or got more positive attention from women. That’s a higher success rate than any other pheromone product we know of.

Our results for other Pherone Formulas for men to attract women, for women to attract men and other combinations are similarly impressive.

Does all this mean that you just have to wear our pheromone colognes and suddenly people will be drawn to you? Probably not: what pheromones actually seem to do is to subtly change people’s perceptions.

Our men’s products may make men seem more attractive (follow the links to these topics in our references section).

Our women’s products can increase men’s testosterone level, and this can in turn influence their sexual behavior.

The changes are subtle, but they can make the difference between success and failure, within the context of a good social interaction.

Do note that if you are not already able to interact well socially with the people you’re interested in, pheromones are not likely to be as useful to you: first develop your social muscle!

But if you’re already interacting socially, our pheromones may be that extra edge you’ve been looking for.

Testimonials for Pherone Formulas
Pherone Formula M-11 for Men

“This product has made a difference in both my personal and business life. I ordered it the first time to see if this product really works. IT DOES.”

Women seem to like me a lot more when I wear it. I keep hearing things like “I don’t know what it is about you but…””

“I have a girlfriend who’s much prettier than anyone I’ve dated before. When I wear M-11 she keeps telling me how attracted to me she is.

Pherone Formula M-15 for Men

“This is a great company with a great product that WORKS exactly like they state, (or even better), on their web site.”

“The product is effective & as advertised. And it was a pleasant & effortless shopping experience.”

Pherone Formula D-17X for Men

“This is the second time I am ordering your product… it works really well… I couldn’t believe it but now I’ve seen it.”

“It does what you said it would do. Definitely a strong alpha-male effect.

Pherone Formula V-5 for Men and Women

“Wow! Your pheromones just came in, and are they powerful. I had no idea that so little of a substance could have such a strong effect on a person.

“I love the V5, beats everything out there, and your customer service and shipping are fast!!! I am a customer for life.”

Pherone Formula W-1 for Women

“I was sceptical but there’s no denying it. When I wear your W-1, my husband gets a lot more affectionate.”

“I had to stop using it every day because I was getting almost too much attention from men.”

Pherone Formula M-11 for Women – Business

“I love the product. I am a teacher and boy, do they listen! They never miss a class. Thank you!”

Pherone Formula G-3: Men for Men

“This is the best product of it’s kind that I have found anywhere, I have ordered before and will order again.”

“I have made a previous order and the product is something fantastic would recommend it to others.”

Pherone’s exclusive pheromone Formulas can help to increase your attractiveness, bring you more respect in business and social situations, make people more relaxed and comfortable around you and even improve your own mood. And Pherone pheromones are easy to use! Just a couple of dabs and you’re ready to go.

You never know when you’ll be in a situation where an extra little boost could mean the difference between success and failure. Life is short, and opportunities are limited. Don’t miss your chance to attract what you want into your life. Get Pherone today!

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Each bottle of contains 10ml of Pherone Formula, and will typically last for months of daily use.

At Pherone, we believe that we offer the Best Value in pheromone products on the market.

Our goal is to offer products which enhance your life and the lives of people you come in contact with every day.

Pherone guarantees powerful results and world-class customer service

We unconditionally guarantee that Pherone pheromones will work for you. If you are not delighted with your results, return the product within 30 days and we will refund your full purchase price.

Shipping is FREE when you order 2 or more items (in the USA — 5 or more items internationally).

All our pheromone colognes ship within 1 business day. Next Day Air and 3-Day Select orders are shipped the same day, if ordered before 3pm Eastern (US) time.