Pherone’s founders are scientists with years of hands-on laboratory research experience in biochemistry, developmental biology and genetic engineering.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality, most advanced products. And providing them at a reasonable price.

We perform our own research studies, and also keep current on the latest research performed by other laboratories so that we can bring advances in scientific knowledge out of the lab and to our customers.

We design and manufacture our own exclusive pheromone formulas. It’s the only way we can be assured of providing you with the most advanced technology, the highest purity and the best value.

Pherone’s goal is to improve the quality of life of our customers and the people they come in contact with every day.

Pherone: Science with you in mind.

All chemical syntheses are performed under the supervision of PhD Chemists, and all products are constantly monitored through intensive chemical analysis.

Please check the Pheromone Facts and Ordering/Shipping Information sections before sending email to us at:

24-hour Order Line: 1-888-9-PHERONE
(1-888-974-3766) Toll Free (USA and Canada)
or 1-306-781-9437 Internationally.

Our address for all correspondence is:

1800 Quality Drive NE
Wilson, NC 27893