One major function of pheromones is sexual attraction. And Pherone’s Formulas for Men to Attract Women are designed to give you the edge in magnetically attracting the women you want, the way you want.

We’ve created a full spectrum of effects, from macho powerful to cozy and warm, with a sexy buzz mixed in all the way.

At one extreme is our Formula D-17X, which we call SuperMacho: the most powerful dominance formula we know of. D-17X produces an alpha-male aura which demands attention.

On the other end of the spectrum is our Formula V-5, which we call Lover because it creates a cozy, warm feeling, even with women you’ve just met.

In between are Formulas M-15 and M-11, which have both the attention-getting pheromones of D-17X and the cozy pheromones of V-5, in different proportions: M-15 has more emphasis on an attention-getting alpha-male aura, while M-11 has more emphasis on attraction.

You can order with confidence, knowing that Pherone products are research-based, use the highest quality ingredients, and are backed by our unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.