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  • Pherone Formula D-17X

    Pherone Formula D-17X (which we call “SuperMacho”) is the most powerful dominance formula we know of. If you want people to take notice, women to stare when you walk by and men to get out of your way, this is the formula for you. Contains ultra-pure research-grade androstenone plus an additional synergistic human pheromone to make it even more powerful.

  • Pherone Formula M-11

    Pherone Formula M-11 (which we call “Balanced Attraction”) attracts women and makes them feel sexier. At the same time, it adds an aura of alpha-male authority, combined with a relaxing and calming effect. Our studies have shown that this combination is highly effective. Contains ultra-pure research-grade human pheromones.

  • Pherone Formula M-15

    Pherone Formula M-15 for Men to Attract Women (which we call “Power”) contains a blend of pheromones designed to get attention, increase attractiveness and make women feel relaxed and happy. Similar to our Formula M-11, but with more emphasis on attention-getting androstenone. Contains ultra-pure research-grade human pheromones.

  • Pherone Formula V-5

    Pherone Formula V-5 (which we call “Lover”) is perfect for men who want women to feel comfortable and happy in their presence. Great for making a good impression, or for men who women sometimes find overwhelming. Warm attraction without intimidation. Contains ultra-pure research-grade human pheromones.

  • The Pherone MaxFlex Bundle

    Pherone Formula D-17X is our most powerful dominance formula. Pherone Formula V-5 creates an aura of calm and happiness. Together, they give you Maximum flexibility! And with this bundle, you save $35.10 and get free shipping (within the USA). Ultra-pure research-grade human pheromones.