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   To Attract Men
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For Women
   To Attract Men
   To Attract Women
   Business and Social

Pheromones for Women: to Attract Men

Our products For Women, To Attract Men are designed using the results of research on both women and men.

Both formulas contain copulins, which have been shown to quickly raise the testosterone levels of men who smell them, by 150%! Add a couple of dabs when you put on cologne or perfume and see for yourself how effective these formulas are!

You can order with confidence, knowing that Pherone products use the highest quality ingredients, and are backed by our unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.

Pherone Formula W-1
Pherone Formula W-1

Pherone Formula W-1 (which we call "Youth and Desire") contains an exclusive blend of ingredients which men respond to strongly -- it quickly boosts their testosterone and attracts them to the wearer. Contains copulins and 4mg of research-grade pheromones.

Pherone Formula W-1 Regular price: $44.95Sale price: $30.95
Pherone Formula W-9
Pherone Formula W-9

Pherone Formula W-9 (which we call "Man's Desire") is our copulin formula alone, with no pheromones included. The copulins in this formula have been found to increase men's testosterone levels -- something that ordinary perfumes have not been shown to do.

Pherone Formula W-9 Regular price: $29.95Sale price: $22.95

For more information about the basis for statements made about pheromones and Pherone products and for information about our research studies, please see our references section.

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