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Pherone Formula M-11

Pherone Formula M-11(which we call "Balanced Attraction") was originally designed as a man's formula, because it contains androstenone, but in our research we have found that lesbians who describe themselves as more "butch" have had success with this combination.

Formula M-11 contains a blend of pheromones which cause women to feel relaxed and happy, and increases your attractiveness. The combination of excitement and relaxation is very effective. The androstenone in M-11 also adds an aura of authority.

Since this formula includes 1mg of androstenone, some caution is advised -- androstenone attracts attention but, if too much is used it can attract the wrong kind of attention, and can make the wearer seem overbearing or threatening.

Pherone Formula M-11 contains 5mg of research-grade pheromones.

We recommend using one or two dabs to start with, and no more than three drops be used at any time for best effect. This means that one 10ml bottle will typically last for months of daily use.

You can order with confidence, knowing that Pherone uses the highest-quality ingredients and stands behind our products with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

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For more information about the basis for statements made about pheromones and Pherone products and for information about our research studies, please see our references section.

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